Civil Defense approvals

Civil Defense Approvals

What We Do

Civil Defense approvals:-
It is a service through which a certificate is renewed for facilities at all levels, proving that the facility meets the requirements of preventive fire safety.
The Shamil Engineering Consulting Office works to expedite the civil defence procedures by quickly issuing the necessary approvals to the owners of the facilities. Which relate to security and safety measures and requirements and fire protection systems to be included, and to be compatible with all requirements in accordance with the engineering designs and plans of those facilities and we provide these services for the purpose of completing the procedures as quickly as possible.
We are keen, at Al Shamil Engineering Consulting, to adhere to the highest standards of security and safety in project management, and the purpose of our keenness is to ensure the full and comprehensive achievement of all the goals we aspire to through the projects that we implement, and our attentive management works non-stop to improve performance. Our successful project management philosophy revolves around three core values:
Time, cost and quality.
The measures we take in order to improve efficiency and control work are not only about taking into account our interests, but more importantly, considering the interests of our customers that come first and foremost, and we have consistently demonstrated the managerial and organizational skills needed to support the largest projects. Furthermore, our successful project management and design strategies have enabled us to

  • Develop clear objectives and specific business scopes.
  • Implement a robust process for project supervision.
  • Management of communications and relationships that link the business chain.
  • Delivery of projects on time.
  • Effective use, control, planning and delivery of complex projects.
  • Achieving maximum security and safety in the project phases.
  • The use of key performance indicators to measure and control the critical factors for the success of projects.